Cast-iron wood heating boiler SOLITEK 6

Cast-iron wood heating boilers SOLITEK are stipulated for work with solid fuels in traditional mode. The cast-iron heat exchanger has a high resistance against corrosion contributing to the long-term exploitation of the boiler. The cast-iron wood heating boiler SOLITEK is stipulated for heating with various types of solid fuels: coal, mall coal fraction, wood. In standard package the boiler is equipped with a draft regulator to provide for the optimal burning process. Cast-iron wood heating boilers SOLITEK is characterized by high efficiency combustion of fuel, achieving 80%.








Advantages of the boilers:

  • Capacities of the boilers (17 – 56 kW)
  • 10-year warranty for the boiler heat exchanger
  • High efficiency: up to 80%
  • High resistance against corrosion
  • A spacious fuel hopper
  • Simple and fast maintenance
  • Low volume of harmful emissions, in compliance with the European standards
  • Possibility to connect a fan

It is possible to equip the boiler with an electronic control mechanism and a fan – option for additional cost.

Tehniskie parametri:

Capacity range (coal): 12,3 - 41 kW

Capacity range (wood): 10,8 - 36 kW

weight: 283 kg

volume of water in the boiler: 32 dm3

diameter of the chimney: 160 mm

efficiency coefficient: 80 %

maximal operational pressure: 4 bar

chimney draft: 13 - 27 Pa

dimensions (width x depth x height): 545 x 840 x 1070 mm