Wood heating boilers FORTI

FORTI – a universal heating boiler made of boiler steel stipulated for heating with solid fuel in traditional mode. Wood heating boiler FORTI is made of 8 mm thick high quality boiler steel provided for heating with various solid fuels: coal, small coal fraction, wood. It is possible to regulate the intensity of air supply by means of a draft regulator. The wood heating boiler FORTI is equipped with a removable grill contributing to a convenient and simple removing of ashes from the boiler, without the necessity to quit the heating process. For the boiler to work more efficiently and more comfortably, it is necessary to exploit the closed heating system with the accumulation tank. This way a more efficient operation of the boiler is provided for and the intervals between the fuel feeding shall increase.









Advantages of the boilers:

  • Capacities of the boilers - 17 / 25 / 35 Kw
  • Heat exchanger is made of 5 - 8 mm thick boiler steel
  • 5-year warranty for the boiler heat exchanger
  • Removable grill, for convenient removing of ashes
  • A spacious fuel hopper
  • Long-time intervals between the feedings of fuel loads into the boiler
  • Simple and fast maintenance
  • Low volume of harmful emissions, in compliance with the European standards
  • Possibility to connect a fan

It is possible to equip the boiler with an electronic control mechanism and a fan – option for additional cost.